kovic-672By PhD Milos Kovic

(Source: the Politika, Serbian newspaper)

„A photo of the sheet of paper has been circulating on the social networks and the Internet, saying:
„At the request of the schoolmistress, Mrs Jadranka Vasic, regarding going to Kosovska Mitrovica for a rally to support the President of the Republic of Serbia I give the following statement. I do not want to go to Kosovska Mitrovica because I do not support the policy of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, on the final resolution of the status of Kosovo. I do not want to go under duress, because going to the rally should be a reflection of my will, not an order. In Kosovska Kamenica, September 5, 2018, Bogoljub Milosevic, teacher, ‘Desanka Maksimovic’ Primary School, Kosovska Kamenica.“

What is the significance and why the attractiveness of this document? First and foremost: Serbs and Gorani living in Kosovo and Metohija are the people who have been living in the ghetto for twenty years now, and are undergoing persecution not only from Albanian chauvinists and their NATO patrons but also from the Serbs themselves. We all know that if the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić and his associates really do violate the Constitution, and succeed in their announced intention to „divide Kosovo themselves „, recognize its „independence“ then the Serbs and Gorani in Kosovo and Metohija are going to be left at the mercy of Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj and sooner or later they will become part of Greater Albania, condemned to annihilation, assimilation, or Exodus.

The resistance to such politics stems from the most basic human right, i.e. the right to life, freedom, security, dignity, freedom and property. That is why they are persecuted by the powerful Serbs from Belgrade and their own neighbours and landlords are now being persecuted.

The making of public statements by both Bishop of Raska and Prizren Mr Theodosius and the abbot of Decani monastery, archimandrite Sava, resulted in a shameful media campaign against them, from Belgrade, even though they merely reminded the public of what has already been stated in the Message of the Holy Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) of May 10th, that Kosovo and Metohija should not be divided, and that the laws embodied in the Constitution of Serbia and UN Resolution 1244 should be followed.

Kosovo and Metohija`s Sunday school teachers who, together with their Bishop, monks and clergy, opposed the surrender of Kosovo and Metohija to Greater Albania, have been punished lately, by their Serbian colleagues – school directors – by being removed from the classes based on the non-existent, fictitious pupils` and parents` requests to be transferred to „civic education“.
In every budgetary institution, from elementary schools to universities, blacklists are made of those who refuse to come to the upcoming rally to support Serbian President who advocates their removal from Serbia, abandoning them to Greater Albania.

Zivorad Lazic, the law professor at the School of Economics in Laplje Selo, also faced with threats and blacklists, said in his statement for Radio-Television of Kosovo and Metohija: „If I lose my land if I lose my home, then what is left for me to be afraid of? Of losing my job?“

This article is dedicated to Bogoljub and Zivorad, the teachers who justified and cleared their own names. That is a true legacy to their students. These students really have something to learn from their teachers. „

The author is the associate professor of philosophy
Belgrade University


Translation from Serbian: Преводилачка радионица 

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