Pending the ruling of the court in the case against Naser Oric, Radio Television of Serbia (RTS)  is broadcasting its first documentary film about crimes committed against the Serbian population in central Podrinje. The film „Crime without Punishment“ was produced by RTS Information Program.

This documentary-feature film „Crime without Punishment“ – the Suffering of Serbs in Central Podrinje“ through eyewitnesses tells of the suffering and killing of soldiers and civilians – children, women and the elderly during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993. Naser Oric, the commander of 28th Division of the Bosnian Army, is charged for some of these crimes with the relevant court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The pronouncement of the verdict is scheduled for 9 October this year.

Bratunac in 1993Bratunac in 1993

No one has responded yet to the killings of Serbs in this region. Some of the court proceedings are still ongoing, while some have been dismissed with verdicts of acquittal on grounds of lack of evidence. Not one prison sentence was pronounced. On the other hand, there are only sentences for killings and crimes committed against Bosniaks during 1992 and 1993 both in local courts and in the Hague Tribunal.

„Crime without Punishment“ is the first documentary filmed in Serbia about the suffering of Serbs in the Central Podrinje region during the former war in BiH.

Dobrina Prodanović weeping over her son, Fakovići 1993Dobrina Prodanović weeping over her son, Fakovići 1993.

The film deals with individual stories and war crimes, but at the same time is a record of tragedies of all people of this region. The RTS team visited Serbian villages in the municipalities of Bratunac, Skelani, Milici, Kalesija and Zvornik. Many of them are now demolished and abandoned. Nothing is known of the tragic fate of some of the locals, even after a quarter of a century. Their remains have never been found.

Dramatizations was based on the witness testimoniesDramatizations were based on the testimonies of witnesses

The interlocutors were the eyewitnesses of the events and family members of the victims. The dramatization was based on witness statements and testimonies given in the proceedings before the courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Reconstruction of the attack on the Serbian village.jpgReconstruction of the attack on the Serbian village

The documentary „Crime without Punishment – the Suffering of Serbs in the Central Podrinje“ was produced by RTS Information Program and it is an attempt to commemorate the tragic stories of the sufferings of Serbs during the wars in the former Yugoslavia territory. A documentary is a kind of a cry for justice.

Scenes made on the Drina River.jpg Filming site on the Drina River where some of the scenes were made

Director: Slađana Zarić

Journalist: Vesna Ilic

Editor: Marija Bogicevic

Music: Vladimir Tosic

Director of Photography: Petar Vujanic

Consultant: PhD Zoran Stankovic, pathologist—stradanje-srba-u-srednjem-podrinju.html

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